Michael Bykovski

Hi, I am {{ age }} years old and programming for {{ programmingYears }} years now.
I love clean code and good architecture.
I am living the agile mindset and saying that you don't need a certificate to be agile.

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An Airbnb clone


A festival website


A Cordova plugin to start a webserver on Android and iOS


A full featured Python library for http://www.billomat.com/


A full featured Python library for https://highrisehq.com/


Software Engineer at Scholz & Volkmer

Technical lead for an e-bike customer. Worked on a CMS with Python (Django CMS). Implemented a shop with Python (Django/Saleor) and integrated Gitlab CI pipelines. Also build a deployment process. Introduce and adapt agile workflows and processes in two teams. A lot more stuff...

09.2018 - 04.2019

Software Engineer at //SEIBERT/MEDIA

Developed an automation and reporting tool for //SEIBERT/MEDIA (like SAP) in Python (Django), Javascript (Vue.JS). Also developed an cloud integration of Atlassian Solutions (Confluence, JIRA, etc) in the Google Cloud Engine in Python (Django), Javascript (React). Head, software architect and product owner of a team working with Scrum and Kanban. Gained experience in cloud solutions, API's (creating and using), automated cronjobs (Celery), scraping HTML data (PhantomJS). A lot more stuff...

08.2013 - 09.2018

Web Developer at Filiti

Developed an Airbnb Clone with a payment solution and several organization features in Python (Django) Yep! You read it right, it was all done in one month.

08.2016 - 09.2016

Programming teacher at programmieren.de

Teached a group (5 children 12-16 years old) Javascript and Python.

10.2015 - 05.2016

Administrator and Web Developer at HENDEL|BERNITT

Administration of computers and programming the website with HTML/CSS/JS Stack

10.2015 - 05.2016

Developer at CS-Software

Automated scripts and a few little programmatic solutions in PHP and HTML, CSS

09.2008 - 04.2010


Hochschule Rheinmain - Informatik

Master of Science

08.2018 - today

Hochschule Rheinmain - Medieninformatik

Bachelor of Science

08.2013 - 05.2018